Forty Hands at 78 Yong Siak Street: The Best Iced Latte I’ve Ever Had

My sweet cousin treated me to the best iced latte ever at 40 Hands which is at Yong Siak Street. They put chain store coffees to shame. This revived area in Tiong Bahru has definitely captured my heart the way Duxton Hill has as well.

My cousin loved her hot chocolate, but we both thought the chocolate cake was too rich. It’s a pity the place was too crammed as well. There was just too many pillars and the air-conditioning was very weak where we sat so it felt quite stuffy. I really hope the place does well and they move to a bigger space. I would love to come here again for coffee. And darn it, I should have tried the tau sar pau as well. I just have to remind myself that the place is closed on Mondays. I guess that’s when they roast their lovely beans.

We loved that they took the trouble to have art on the hot chocolate as well.

The cake looked fantastic but when I tasted it it didn’t appeal to me. But I thought my sister who likes her cakes rich like this might like it.

More pictures of the lovely iced coffee – I finished it to the last drop. I know there are fancy terms like body acidity etc., but all I know is that the coffee was not bitter or dilute in anyway and tasted smooth even without any sugar added. Pity there was no iced water served here but we could help ourselves to a glass bottle of room temperature tap water.

There were too many beams within this small space.

Thought this was cute. Stamped at the bottom of the wooden number tokens.

Saw this lovely notice on their Facebook page and I went yay in my mind.

Tues , Wed , Thurs and Sun : 8am to 7pm
Fri & Sat : 8am to 10pm
Closed Mon
WE ARE NOW OPEN HALF AN HOUR EARLIER , so for all the early risers rushing to work there’s no need to get your coffee at under your office building anymore!!
We are doing our weekend brunch menu on Fridays too

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