I’m a Sucker for TWG at Marina Bay Sands

I still like the ambience and tea here even though the price cannot be justified especially for the tiny crepe and crappy cake. The best dessert item I’ve had here was the creme brulee tart and the best savoury item the quiche. Unless you’re spending quite some time here chatting and relaxing, it may not be worth it. The big pot of tea is deceptive too. It’s only enough for about 3 small cups. But I am such a sucker, I still find that this tea salon has the nicest ambience and it would be more worth while to come when the brunch set is available.

It just feels convenient especially as the MRT is now connected to the mall and the TWG on the bridge gives you a nice view if you can get a seat with the canal view. I feel like such a fool sometimes, considering that it is all artificial. But even after all the gripes, it’s still a nice place to have or bring someone for a birthday treat or after a museum escapade. The service needs to be warmer though.

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