Marina Bay Sands: Exciting India TV Filming on Sampans

Update: Here is more information about the popular TV serial from India, Diya Aur Baati Hum. The main character might be winning a cooking competition in Singapore and that’s how the script brings some of the cast to our shores.

Thanks to the reader who wrote to me for permission to use the photo and kindly linked back to the blog. So glad someone out there appreciates these shots in particular. Loving the comments on the forum. Makes me so happy to have taken them and it’s what makes blogging worthwhile. Thanks Annu and hope you get to visit Singapore again and this time more than a stopover.

What I wrote earlier:
Chanced upon a Kollywood/Bollywood filming while at Marina Bay Sands. Didn’t seem like a local film crew to me but I could be wrong. Would be so interesting to see where this will be featured.  The sampan set up seems quite artificial so I wonder if the characters are supposed to be at the shopping centre for a visit.  At one point one of the older male characters (whom I assume are the parents or in-laws on the younger ones on the other sampan) seemed to be having a tiff.  It was all so exciting and everyone was snapping away furiously.  It felt good not to be the only kaypoh one taking photos.

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