L’etoile at 160 Owen Road: Lovely Setting, Disappointing Drinks

Service felt earnest at this pretty cafe said to be inspired by French style cafes in Japan. Disappointingly though, the food and drinks did not satisfy. Think my expectations have sky rocketed since trying out all the new idie cafes out there with highly quality coffee, sandwiches and treats.

But still, I would recommend coming here if you want a quiet place to relax where tables are spaced more generously apart. The ambience is quite lovely and the natural light that floods this cafe makes it a great place for reading. The fact alone that it’s larger than most of the crammed ones out there is very pleasing. I might come here again just for the ambience and friendly service.

Pet owners might love this place too. I saw some of the prettiest dogs seated outside the cafe. Not sure what breed, but they made me turn my head. It felt too intrusive for me to take a photo, so I didn’t. Just admired the puppies from afar (never had pets as a kid so not very good at relating to them even though I wish I was).

Oh yes, those traditional Singapore iced biscuits were such a nice nostalgic touch. As a little kid (and even now) the pink ones were my favourite.

I was curious about the pretty French name – it means ‘the star’.







A peek at receipt and menu. Perhaps I was not fair, as I didn’t try the savoury items like the sandwiches. Next time, perhaps.


I would come here again if parking was not so difficult and if I got a ride here. Think it’s pretty far from any MRT and I get confused with the buses. Bus trips need to be planned as I always miss my stop unless I’ve taken the same route a few times. I know, I’m hopeless.


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3 Responses to L’etoile at 160 Owen Road: Lovely Setting, Disappointing Drinks

  1. Claire says:

    I think I am going to have to go and pay this place a visit. A quick bridge over the CTE and I’m almost there! I need a new space to clear my mind when I’m writing or doing job applications. Sometimes you just need to get out of the house!

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