Seeing your Blog as a Butterfly

Loved this post by Guillaume with the intriguing title Butterfly. It spoke to me and I am sure most bloggers will face this dilemma too. How much to give in to the temptation for google searchable but boring titles, or to go with your heart and title it with something you feel within.

I am not too pleased with myself that I sometimes cave in to the requirements of google. This post has made me think, I shouldn’t really care. I should title it any way I like and not be affected by cold things like ‘search engine optimization’ that go against what most writers feel and want – freedom of expression. I am not as impressed by an increase in readership due to my blog being high up on the search engine, though I have to admit, it is sweet when you search for something and your own post appears on the front page. Don’t want readers who come by one day through a google search never to return because the rest of my posts are boring. I am prouder when readers want to come back because they found something interesting or useful? A kind of connection that goes both ways? Or even better – that they found a thought space that gives them comfort, just like I get comfort from my favourite magazine Frankie. The writing within it’s pretty pages – utterly divine, and most of all, honest.

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4 Responses to Seeing your Blog as a Butterfly

  1. Sofia says:

    I guess you are right! Although I am just a beginner in the blogging world and I am giving my first steps so I still don’t feel entitled to join the discussion in a “competent” manner… However, I really wanted to tell you that your blog is beautiful and this comment expresses how much love and thought you put in it. Not effort – but thought. I particularly identify with the line where you mention comfort… I absolutely feel that when I visit yours. Thank you again 🙂

    • bookjunkie says:

      Thank you so much Sofia. Having insomnia right now, but what a lovely comment to read. Thanks for the huge boost in my confidence which is often lagging.

      I feel the authenticity when I visit your blog home Sofia and I’ll be coming by again and again 🙂

  2. Guillaume says:

    Thank you bookjunkie for your article. Yes I like intriguing title 😉 This was a way of saying how white as milk is growing and not in a bad direction… from my point of view at least…

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