Takashimaya Food Basement

I find the Food Basement at Takashimaya so interesting. Can’t compare to what there is in Japan but it’s still pretty amazing. There is always something new to see and this time we stumbled upon a Hokkaido food fair with gorgeous king and snow crabs on display.  I hope the stalls are all not temporary especially one that was selling swiss rolls. They were handing out samples and it was the best swiss roll I’ve ever had. I want to go back and buy it.

Golden buttery corn. If there are been seats available I would have bought quite a bit of these snacks, but I don’t relish walking and eating. I like to sit down and savour my food.

I hope Jolie Creer from Hokkaido is a permanent stall because the Swiss rolls were out of this world. (went back and found out it’s not, just here for the fair – Sob!)

The Food Fair outside was not as exciting as the Food Fair within the Food Hall itself.

More interesting stalls.

Never seem a Gelato display like this – pretty awesome. The whole bottle of Bailey’s – wow.

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