Back for More of the Yummy Noodles: Eng’s Wan Tan Mee

Love Eng’s Wan Tan Noodles so much, I’m sure I’ll be returning here again and again. The noodle quality and chilli that will create a firestorm in your mouth is what makes it so great. The steamed dumplings are superb too. Tanjong Katong sure is a food paradise. I’ve already highly recommended this place to my aunts as they love a good fiery dish. And the best part is, my sister who can’t bear even a drop of chilli will be able to add tomato sauce or nothing at all. The noodles are of a perfect texture and done just right so it’s good on it’s own but I prefer it with the garlic based chilli sauce. I’ve been raving about this place but I have to add that my partner wasn’t as impressed. For him it was just ok and not the best. I guess he meant he wouldn’t really queue for this.

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