Saboten at Changi Airport T1: Unimpressed by Meal & Sloppy Service

Won’t be coming here again. Not the worst food experience of course, but considering the price, not impressed. Out of the three people on duty, one was ok and more polite than the others.

I am always reluctant to talk about my bad experiences but I guess it would be fairer to readers to share. All this is subjective, so do tell me if you’ve had a better experience than I did. Or maybe the service is just terrible and you had a bad experience too?

I like eating at places where there is a bit of a view. And I am glad we managed to get a booth seat although they were reluctant at first. The place was completely empty then so that annoyed me.

The most polite wait staff pictured here.

Prefer the Katsu Don I have at Liang Court and at Genki Sushi. Genki Sushi is one of my favourite places for Japanese food now. Price and portion size is perfect for me.

The set came with a green tea (matcha) ice cream. Not my kind of thing and to me this is not real ice cream.

I’m sorry but I didn’t find the food so special. Perhaps it’s better at other branches.

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