Grand Prix Singapore 2012

I have to admit, the fan of sporting events like soccer and Formula One, is my partner, and upon his urging I took photos of F1 in Singapore. The tiny cockpit of those cars on display make me feel utterly claustrophobic. I don’t know how they can bear the heat and the confined space. No wonder they get paid so much. So many tourists in Orchard Road this week, all coming in for the Grand Prix. I would be more interested if I could meet Adam Levine or listen to Maroon 5’s live performance.  Now that would be nice.

Posters of the Pandas everywhere. I felt sorry seeing pictures of them in their cages. They must be frightened especially on their flight here. I am conflicted though, because I am eager to see them at the Zoo. Don’t recall seeing a panda in real life before.

Noticed that the Heeren is undergoing renovations.

Welcome sight of the traditional bread and wafer ice cream seller.

Saw some pop up merchandise stores for the Grand Prix. I couldn’t justify spending this much and I don’t really care for the designs although I must admit this one was pretty ok.

One of the pop up stores was located just outside the swanky Mandarin Gallery.

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