Tiong Bahru Bakery: I Came Back to Try the Lemon Curd Tart

Been here some time ago but due to a major blog backlog took this long to blog about the experience. What I do love is the proliferation of French cafes in Singapore. What I like best at Tiong Bahru Bakery is the lemon curd tart. Recently I tried the orange tart as well, which is so good too.

The hard bread here must be very good. I see a lot of people buying stuff to go.

I really do like the warm decor here but it’s nicer when the place is not overly crowded and the crowds seem to be dying down a bit. At least it’s possible to get a seat now (I went again recently but didn’t take any pictures). But somehow during my recent visit the iced latte was not as good as I remembered. Tasted a bit dilute.

Fresh flowers are always such a nice touch. Wish I could afford to do this at home.

The huge swinging door here is pretty unique but when I was here a little girl got her fingers stuck in the door and the poor little mite started wailing. Felt so sorry for her as that must have really hurt.

Nice coffee art.

Forgot and ordered the almond croissant again which I found soggy previously. Prefer the ones at Gastronomia Da Paolo.

The iced latte was great during this particular visit but not when I went recently. Different barista? Not sure.

Not as good as it looks – sadly.

So in love with the decor.

I wish they served iced water for free instead of just room temperature water.

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