Revamped Shaw Lido Theatre: No More Mee Siam

Well, I guess it’s not that new, but I only recently checked it out. At first sight it looked much more pleasant but I quite miss the cheap local food options. We used to come here for Glory Mee Siam and there was even Jemput Jemput (fried banana dough balls). Now I see there is a much more expensive option – Canele.

The seats have been improved in the theatre but I still prefer Cathay with the much softer seats. Here the seats are a fake leather and I don’t find them as comfortable in terms of cushioning or recline but I’m being super finicky. My cousin liked it very much. Another downer is that student tickets here are the cheapest at S$6.50 meaning the theatres are crowded with groups of noisy students who giggle and slap each other throughout the movie even if it’s not supposed to be funny. Very annoying indeed.

But the view from here is great and the place looks much cleaner than it used to. I might come here again because it’s very conveniently located and linked by underpass to Orchard MRT and I guess it’s not as horrible packed with students the way GV Bishan is for instance. B likes the run down theatre at Balestier with the worn out seats because it’s relatively empty. I like the GV Grand Theatre at Great World City as well but B says the parking there is expensive and it’s not near any MRT so it’s hard to take the train there.

I still miss the original Lido that my friend E and I used to frequent. Those were great times. Tickets were only S$2.50 then. But again I’m looking at the past with rose tinted glasses. If I recall right the seats were not placed on a gradient and you could be easily blocked if someone taller sat in front of you and for us (being short and all) that was very often.

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  1. Ht says:

    I missed the mee Siam too. Initially I thot I was the rare few who would go for mee siam instead of movies.

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