Finally Living Again in 2023 Post Covid

By living, I mean taking the bus and train more regularly as opposed to being stuck at home where you tend to be too sedentary.

I honestly prefer these modes of transport to a taxi or car if I’m not carrying too many heavy things. I feel like I have more freedom.

Especially when I’m on my own I can take my own sweet time and not worry about being late. I’m a stickler for punctuality, so yeah, it’s quite a freeing feeling.

Wish all the MRT cabins had bubblegum pink seats

A taxi, besides the cost, makes me feel more claustrophobic. I suffer from situational claustrophobia, but have found techniques to reign it in.

But of course if the weather is scorching and I’m eager to get to my destination and still feel fresh, I definitely appreciate the comfort and speed factor of a taxi.

I also enjoy not having to wear a mask at cafes and malls. I always carry one in case it’s too crowded and wearing one gives me psychological comfort.

I love sandwiches these days
The orange chocolate danish at Providore Wisma was lovely

Once you gain confidence, it’s fun to eat on your own. I’m far from independent, so it’s a good feeling. It gets easier especially if you keep going back to places where the service is warm and there are other patrons who are solo too.

Of course I enjoy the company of others, but I can’t always trouble them. I’m always afraid to impose or be a burden. So in theory, even though I miss people, I hardly try to arrange a meet up. Introvert tendencies and social anxiety come into play too.

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