First Time at this Cafe at Thompson: Huggs

I’ve been to the branch at Tai Seng but wasn’t impressed. This time however I changed my mind at the Thomson Plaza branch and would revisit. They charge 50 cents for a mug of hot water S$5 for a scoope of ice cream and S$ 5.50 for a flat white. No service charges were added because it is self service after all. Comfortable seats were the best thing. If they were only stools available I would have given this place a miss. My old back can’t take it.

The coffee was pretty light. Rarely can I find mint chip ice cream that’s not green so I went for it. Still generally prefer the ice cream at the waffle place, Creamier (milkier and less sugary).

Flat White at Huggs
A pretty tiny glass
Mint chip ice cream
The other flavours
Comfy seats
Wraps, pies, cakes and muffins too

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