Sentosa: Halloween Decorations & Real Chocolate

Got a mini pack of Reeses as B has been raving about it and I’ve never tried it before. Yup never. Oh gosh I hope I don’t get addicted. The salty smooth peanut on the inside and the lovely chocolate coating on the outside – wow.

Oh gosh M&M’s in the prettiest pastel shades including my favourite – pink!

So cute.

Halloween stuff gets me excited. Love all the orange and black.

Pumpkin lollipops – so cute huh?

Real jelly beans. There was a time where you couldn’t get this in Singapore.

Oh the decadence.

At the Candilicious store. All the tourists were taking photos so I snapped away too.

Loved the candy decorations. Can’t imagine coming here with kids. There would probably want everything. Well, even I wanted everything.

Pink M&M cushions.

Like paradise to a kid if they were allowed to pick anything they want.

Never seen so much candy, and all these M&M colours.

So tempted to get the nutella but it was quite expensive. But I should have as it’s imported from Italy. Probably taste much better than what we get at the supermarket.

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