Sentosa: Malaysian Food Street (A Tad Disappointing)

Had to check out the Malaysian Food Street as it’s been open for some time and we haven’t been here. Read some pretty bad reviews so our expectations were low. Even then, the tourist prices and average quality left us disappointed.  The best thing we had was the siew pau. B was let down by the Malaysian style hokkien mee and my satay wasn’t that great either.  Far, far from the quality you would get in Malaysia. I found it very artificial and catering to tourists but I’m still glad we checked it out.  If you’re bored and prefer hawker food then lunch here would be an ok option. It wasn’t at all crowded when we were there which is another plus.

I would love to go to these actual streets in wonderful Malaysia. Seriously wonder how Malaysians feel when they eat here.



Perhaps I should have tried the KL Wan Tan Mee instead?

Another tried the Roti Canai here? What I had in JB was really cheap and yummy. Think if I have a massive craving I’ll try my luck across the causeway.

The set-up was quite attractive though, like the Singapore Food Street at the Singapore Flyer.

Just took loads of pictures to show you what’s available and since I don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon.

Makes me kinda sad to think that one day when youngsters no longer appreciate hawker food is that what we’ll be reduced to? Theme park like food court venues like this? I hope not.

B said this was pretty tasteless.

I liked the fact that I had this device so I didn’t have to wait at the store for the satay to be ready. I just when to collect it when the device started lighting up.

The chicken satay was average I would say. Not bad but not great either.

B like the siew pau but I preferred the one I usually have at chinatown.

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