#95. A Quiet Place Near Town

Feels like I’ve quite abandoned my 100 Reasons to Be Happy in Singapore List, but perhaps it’s because I don’t want it to come to an end. It was so much fun to put it together. So I want to take my time with the last few. And I wish I could publish it into a book or e-book one day. I started the list on 17th May 2010 when I was still writing on the free WordPress account and my blog had the name I preferred – Tiny Island. If I ever wrote a guidebook about Singapore, the first one would be Tiny Island and the second Singapore Actually. One can dream….

I like Tanglin mall and the area surrounding it, especially on a weekday or every early on the weekend. Quiet and peaceful compared to the Orchard Road malls. If you asked me where I would want to live in Singapore (with no price limitations) I would pick this area instantly.

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