Creepy Reindeer & Other Christmas Decorations at Tangs

We were at the original CK Tang at Orchard Road to look at kitchen stuff. The place is being renovated at the new varnish on the upper levels were stinging my eyes. But the basement seemed ok. They always have the most interesting range of kitchenware and we came across a Christmas decorations section. I was impressed by the leather stitched and stuffed animals. Very heavy and the smaller ones were displayed as bookends. Looks really impressive and solid up close.

Owl bookends.

Some Christmas decorations are just too strange and creepy. Like these begging Reindeer. Looks like they are begging for mercy. Is Santa gonna eat them? Just way too awful a thought.

Kiwis with red christmas ribbons. Made me think of blogging buddies from New Zealand. Wish I could see a real kiwi, the pretty flightless bird, one day.

Someone asked me the price of Yankee candles so a snapped a shot of the price tag.

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