Life of Pi & Trying Out Premiere Seats

I recently watched the movie Life of Pi and tried the Shaw Premiere seats for the first time. It was a spur of the moment decision and B caved since the showtime for the regular seats was about 2 hours later and he didn’t care to hang around at Nex for that long. It’s not our first time with the more luxurious seats. Out first time ever would be at GV Gold. I would say those seats were superior to these ones. From what I can recall the seats were better quality and roomier but that was several years ago.

The movie adaptation exceeded my expectations (was expecting average), but nothing of course can compare to the book itself. I think the actors did a great job. Made me want to read the book all over again. And about the Premiere seats. It was a weekday morning so it came with breakfast at S$25 per seat since the movie had just opened. But I guess if the movie has been showing for a week at least you could get seats without the breakfast for S$20. The breakfast is crappy anyway but it was nice to be served by the polite staff. There is even a button for you to press and they will come by to clear the plates. The motorized reclining seats and not being disturbed by other patrons was a luxury we will definitely crave again. But just keep in mind that these are not Lazy Boys. I wonder if the leather of the seats is real or plastic. You’re provided with a blanket which is a nice option if you get cold in the theater. Scratchier than the airplane ones, but I guess ok.

The movie is a bit scary with the very realistic tiger and may leave children with nightmares. So I wouldn’t recommend it for kids.

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