Spruce at Phoenix Park

Recently tried out Spruce which I didn’t know existed. It’s hidden away at Phoenix Park. I liked it. It’s got the garden ambience of PS Cafe but with much better food and service. Service here was so warm and welcoming and I really appreciate that. (it was at an off peak hour)

But to put things into perspective so far I’ve had much better ribs and service at Chilli’s at Tanglin Mall so that place is still my top pick. But I like the peace and quiet here. This place is more appropriate for a date and Chilli’s for family outings. Both restaurants are are 5 minutes away by car as they are in the Tanglin area.

The coffee was a bit weak, but I really liked the soup and salad. And it’s never a good idea to eat when famished. We ordered way too much. After having the carrot cake as well we felt a bit sick. Not that the carrot cake was bad or anything – just too much food in one sitting.

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  1. auntyuta says:

    The pictures look great. Wouldn’t mind to go there for some coffee and carrot cake.
    When we had some waiting time at Kuala Lumpur airport recently we had some coffee and cake there at a French cafe which was pretty good.

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