Johor Premium Outlets: Still Not Worth A Visit

B wanted to stop at The Premium Outlets in Johor on our way back from Malacca, as the Ralph Lauren store just opened for business. Didn’t think I would make a return visit after the last one. Everything was still too expensive and I think we could get a lot better at the outlet stores at City Square which is very near the causeway or even at Christmas sales in Singapore. The food here sucks too, but we ate here anyway as we were famished by then. The air-conditioned food court has flies in it. I’d much rather eat at a quaint coffee-shop nearer the causeway where the food is fantastic and a fraction of the cost. Added some pictures of the correct exit on the highway in case you still wanna check it out.

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52832

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52831

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52830

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52829

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52836

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52835

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52834

malaccadrive2012day3 - 52833

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