Road Trip to Malacca: The Drive There

Took 3.5 hours to get to Malacca from the Causeway. And how lovely not to have to fill in the white card anymore. I think it only applies for Singaporeans though? If people tell you it takes only 2 hours to drive from Singapore to Malacca, then they are clearly speeding and beating the speed limit of 110 km/h. Not worth it as I hear there are loads of speed traps and it’s just not safe. We took the second link from Tuas and used a GPS system. B asked if I wanted to bring any snacks in the car and I said no. I should have because by the time we reached Malacca I was famished (not a breakfast eater) and it was 2.30 pm when I finally had lunch, my first meal of the day.

I wish Singapore was scenic like this. So glad nature is so abundant in our neighbouring country and makes me wonder how sweet it would be, if we had remained as one. I appreciate the pace of life here and the patience of the people. And Malacca just felt very much safer than JB.

malaccadrive2012day1 - 52737

malaccadrive2012day1 - 52738

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