Malacca Road Trip: Tengkera Putu Piring

I’ve had much better putu piring in Singapore (my uncle E lines up to buy them for us from Haig Road), but I was just charmed by the idea of a family working together from their humble abode. I just wish they had added more of the lovely Gula Melaka, but I shouldn’t complain about food here as it’s less than half the price of food in Singapore. I like my puttu piring rich with melted Gula Melaka. And it was lovely to see the preparation. And pretty sweet to find this supper snack late in the night.

Here’s a review by a Malaysian Blogger who has the best tips.

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malaccadrive2012day1 - 52759

malaccadrive2012day1 - 52758

malaccadrive2012day1 - 52757

malaccadrive2012day1 - 52756

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