Perth Trip Day 7: Lakeside Shopping with my Cousin

My cousin was so sweet to accompany us on a boring shopping trip and she made so much effort to help us find what we needed. We easily walked 10,000 steps that day, but that means more room for dessert.

I was surprised to find the mall so crowded but she told me it’s usually the case on the weekends.

Loads of comfy seats at the foodcourt

I usually hate shopping but I don’t mind it at all in Australia as it’s so easy to find my sizes here and colour options. In Singapore it’s usually Asian sizes which makes an XL an M or even an S sometimes.

Cinderella favourite

My mum was the first to notice the rainbow. She’s very observant. It was more distinct than the ones you spot in Singapore.

Just outside the mall it was lovely to see a rainbow where I could see the purple even

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