My Hopes for Blog Posts in 2013

1. That I put more effort into each post – in terms of clarity, and usefulness of content (but not so much effort or perfectionism that it stops me from posting at all)

2. That no post I write feels like a drag to compose (just because I took photos doesn’t mean I have to write about it – I need to learn to let go)

3. That I try to inject more of me into each post

4. That each post is not too long, as blog posts are a bit hard on the eyes as opposed to printed out reading material

5. That I be more selective when it comes to photos, and not post the crappy blurry ones

6. That I write the kind of posts that I would like to read

The blog will still be basically my memory log but at the same time a resource for travellers, expats and locals like myself who feel jaded. Blogging makes me feel a lot more excitement about living here. I don’t take Singapore for granted as I did prior to blogging. For that, I’m grateful.

About bookjunkie

Blogging about life in Singapore & recently cancer too.
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2 Responses to My Hopes for Blog Posts in 2013

  1. I love both the personal and the Singapore posts. And your photography is amazing!

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