Who Puts Up Those Festive Street Decorations?

On the last day at 2012, we saw the decorations being put up at Chinatown and this week more of it seems to be up. I wonder if the same contractor does all the various festive decorations. That would be pretty good business for them as we have quite a number of festivals throughout the year. Well, at least Singapore streets are not boring and we’re quite a vibrant city.

alibabaeunos - 53922

This year I decided to be more inquistive and see if I can google details about this company and lo and behold they have a web presence. And yes they do quite a number of street lighting projects. If you really think about it, this is partly where some of our tax dollars go? B always reminds me of this, otherwise ditzy me hardly gives it a thought. But in this case it does bring in tourist revenue as I saw quite a number of tourists in Chinatown.

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Will be posting about our walk through Chinatown next.

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2 Responses to Who Puts Up Those Festive Street Decorations?

  1. Jeanette Rengel says:

    hi I was in Singapore 2 weeks ago so missed getting any really good photos of the decoraions in China town for the year of the snake . i hope you will be posting more images soon.

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