Durian Cake or Lempok Durian

Durian Cake or Lempok Durian is one of my favourite local snacks. Got this in Malacca but it’s one of the best I’ve had. I’ve had other brands that are not that good so scrutinized the label and saw that it’s made in Kelantan. As a kid I just referred to this as dodol although the basic dodol uses coconut milk and not durian, plus palm sugar and it’s wrapped in tiny triangular shapes usually and is a kind of toffee. It’s darker brown in colour. I don’t care for that version so much.

I prefer this one which I had recently that’s called Durian Cake. This particular one has 90% durian so I think that makes the difference. Strangely I dislike all other durian products like the other Durian Cake (as in actual cakes) and even worse for me is durian ice cream – yucks. I do love fresh durian though, especially the higher grade ones.

Kelantandurianlempok - 52839

Kelantandurianlempok - 52838

Kelantandurianlempok - 52837

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