CNY 2013: The Chinese New Year Buzz at Plaza Singapura

Last year I was quite impressed by the Starbucks dragon bear and this year I was excited to see them continuing with the theme. There was a bear with a green snake around it’s neck ala Britney Spears. But it sure was expensive at about S$28. I guess if you bought the dragon bear you would want to continue your collection, although in my opinion the dragon bear was cuter. But if you love snakes like Bindi Irwin then I’m sure you’ll want to get this. The snake cup was pretty cool too. I found the Starbucks depiction of the snake sign classy and not scary or creepy like I’ve seen at other places.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54799

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54798

Plaza Singapura was decked out for Chinese New Year. A bit messy though. And I’m not sure why they were advertising the pandas at the zoo as well.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54796

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54814

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54813

With the closure of Carrefore there is quite a lot of space that is being converted. Cold Storage, the supermarket, took up an area just for selling Chinese New Year Festive Products.

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54790

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54795

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54794

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54793

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54792

cny2013plazasingapuraamkhub - 54791

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