Addicted to Candy Crush

I feel so embarrassed. After I beat my Temple Run addiction and going cold Turkey by deleting it, I am now addicted to a new tetris like game on the iPhone called Candy Crush which practically everyone on the MRT seem to be playing. (I recognize the music from the game)

Wondering if I should do the cold turkey thing again but I can’t bring myself to delete the game. I know it’s such an evil time waster although it gives the illusion that you’re improving your conceptual skills or some kind of intelligence. I think they have you hooked through the wonderful candy land they have created with things like Chocolate Mountains and Lemonade Lakes. There’s also the guilt. If you delete the game you can’t send ‘lives’ to your friends.

Ok, soon, the game has to go. But not right now? I’m at level 65 and it feel like all my ‘effort’ will be wasted if I delete. But that’s just so silly. Those games creators are smart. They must be super rich by now.

Yes, it frustrates me that I have no willpower. Please tell me you’re hooked on it too? This is probably the same reason why I’m hooked on carbs.

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8 Responses to Addicted to Candy Crush

  1. temple run was fun! but I was hooked for only a few days. I tried candy rush till level 9 and stopped. I found it so boring. I like scramble and words with friends. are you on them?

  2. Expat Kiwis says:

    I’m with you on that one! However, I had the willpower to delete the app from my iPhone cause it was sucking up too much battery power 🙂

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