Allauddin’s Briyani at Tekka

After such a heavy post I thought I’d break the mood by posting about unhealthy but yummy food. What can beat briyani and Teh Alia (tea not pictured because it was so good I forgot). The chicken fell off the bone – very tender, but I still prefer my usual haunt – Yakader which was closed that day. Yakader still has the best rice which is soaked in thick gravy and the dhaal is much tastier too. When I rate briyani it’s all about the tasty rice.

It is hard to eat with a flimsy plastic fork and spoon though. I hope Yakader sticks with it’s metal spoons and hasn’t switch to disposables like Allauddin has.

allauddin2013 - 56090

allauddin2013 - 56089

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