My Favourite Singapore Hawker Foods & Calories

I often do a disservice tempting you with unhealthy hawker food, so I thought I’d balance it out with awareness of the various calorie counts.

I believe in indulging in the best when you do indulge and not going low fat every day.  Often what someone else craves for is not what you crave for. So with awareness of calories perhaps we will just go for our absolute favourites. Some foods are not worth it.

Just to note that calorie count is not everything as some foods have more of the bad saturated fats but calorie counts simplify things.

Chicken Briyani: 877
Wan Tan Mee: 411 (a much better option than I imagined)
Masala Thosai: 363 (I usually have the paper version which is more calories)
Green Bean Soup with Coconut: 377
Soya Beancurd: 317 (am quite shocked – guess we could ask for less sugar)
Prata with Egg: 288 (can’t stop at just 1)
Goreng Pisang: 197
Agar Agar: 83

Don’t mind giving up on these, which I hardly crave for (especially chicken rice):

Claypot Rice: 899
Mee Siam: 694
Chicken Rice: 607
Mee Pok: 511
Nasi Lemak: 494
Instant Noodles: 422
Chicken Curry Puff: 246

Not local but I always crave for this:

Almond Croissant: 379
Latte with full cream milk: 144


Soursop: 311 (shocked)
Mango: 139
Watermelon: 95
Sweet Lassi: 78 (not as bad as I imagined)

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4 Responses to My Favourite Singapore Hawker Foods & Calories

  1. christo varghese says:

    Since i come to Singapore for my vacations, i kind of justify to myself that all the restrictions i place on food are not there and eat all the sinfully delicious food at the hawker markets. I guess for people who eat this almost on a daily basis it is good to know the (surprisingly high) calorie count of the food.

  2. Elle says:

    Thank you for this post. After having a baby I’m trying to get back in shape and being new to S’pore, I do not know the caloric count of my favorite foods, but contrary to what everyone believes, Asian food is not really healthy. The ingredients, for the most part, yes, but not the preparation!

    • bookjunkie says:

      So glad it was helpful Elle. There is quite a bit of sugar salt and oil added. Hidden fats. And I find that the meals are quite starchy too with not that much protein.

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