One Bad Ritual I Broke

Am trying to get healthier so that I will have less to worry about as I age. Seeing people around me suffer due to heart attacks and strokes really scares me, and I want them to be healthy as well. I want to write about healthy ideas as well rather than just put tempting pictures of the most unhealthy food out there.

I keep berating myself about all the things I do wrong (junk food binge), and in the name of positivity I want to focus on the little successes instead.

One thing I did right was to cut the popcorn and sodas at the movies. Often even the smallest package is too much and ruins meal time. I’d rather have a proper meal instead and have resorted to getting a bottle of water instead. Now I don’t feel sick and guilty after the movie.

But of course I haven’t banned it totally. If it’s a special occasion and I have loved ones in town then it’s ok to share a popcorn. But it’s no longer a must, every single time, like it used to be.

Are there any unhealthy rituals you’re glad you broke?

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