#11. Wraps

I have abandoned my list of healthy food I like and decided to take it up again. Trying to inspire myself and the folks around me. I like the idea of eating so that I feel better physically. Cleaner foods as they say. But if it’s bland and tasteless it will only be a one time thing for me, so the taste factor is important.

The roasted chicken wrap I had recently was lovely. It has a catchy name too – ‘cheaper than a facial’, and I got it at Salad Stop). You have the option of adding meat to this vegetarian combination and I choose roast chicken. Really yummy and satisfying. I felt good after the meal unlike the usual oily meals that I have.

The only problem is, the usual hawker meals are just S$3 while the wrap cost almost four times as much. Sigh – the price of being healthy. It really should be the other way around.

I must add that the wrap skin is much tastier as it’s thinner and toasted on a panini maker (compared to the thicker skin of the subway wraps). I really should try replicating this at home.

saladstopnovena - 55980

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