#95. Don’t Miss Out on the Little Ones Growing Up

I guess this one only applies if you have little ones in your family in Singapore. If you lived anywhere else or had to be posted overseas for work it would be such a downer. You’d miss out on their growth and development. Skype and sharing pictures and videos online would probably make you yearn for them more. I have extended family abroad and one of the little darlings sobbed after a visit as it suddenly dawned on her that she would miss her baby cousins so much. It was heartbreaking to see and made us feel so lucky that we were geographically located where we are – on this little island. There are things like this that we often take for granted.

The reason why I am so close to my cousins is because I have practically seen them growing up from the day they were born. I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world.

Upon reflection #95 is truly a very important part of my happiness list eclipsing most of the other little things.

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