Delayed Gratification

I’m a sucker for immediate gratification. I guess it’s the reason why I pick a greasy burger over a salad even though the salad will make me feel light and energetic an hour after, while the burger would make me feel horribly sluggish. All this I am fully aware of, but time and time again I still pick the burger. Sigh.

It’s the same thing with exercise. I know it always makes me feel good after, but I always pick something sedentary over moving. I just hate sweating. Loathe it.

What I don’t mind is exercise that is not really exercise but stuff we just do as part of our lives, like walking to a destination and walking briskly not for exercise but because we are eager to get there.

Taking the mrt instead of a taxi and feeling the satisfaction of saving money. Of course after a horrible day at the office I had no qualms taking a cab home – would not have survived otherwise. Just wanted to get away from that hell hole as soon as possible and back to my haven.

Yes my life would be so much more improved if I was able to delay gratification more. How is it for you? Are you an instant gratification person like I am?

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