Regressing Back to Bad Old Habits

I decided to cut out instant noodles and biscuits from my diet. I haven’t missed the instant noodles at all, but recently I has a digestive biscuit and soon I polished off eight and felt horribly guilty after. They tasted so good dunked in cold milk, but then again any biscuit dunked in cold milk or tea is extra scrumptious. I had no clue that just a single digestive biscuit is a whopping 71 calories, and who can stop at one? Also it’s misleadingly sounds healthy and full of fibre but it’s also full of trans fat and salt. I’m writing this down as a dissuader to myself to stay away from them.

The most tempting biscuit place is M&S. Those I the best and I really have to stop myself.

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  1. Y says:

    I like digestives too.. thanks for the info though :/

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