At NTUC: Tartare Sauce

I do love its creamy tangy taste, even more than just plain mayo. It always makes any fish dish taste so much better. So what’s your favourite brand. I’ve never tasted the Heinz version before, but I do like their tomato and chilli sauce.


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4 Responses to At NTUC: Tartare Sauce

  1. pax says:

    Hi! Enjoy reading your blogs! And have visited some of the places u mentioned to check them out.

    However, I have a comment to make because I’m what u wd call a grammar police. 🙂

    So, here goes!

    It’s (short for it is) not “it’s creamy tangy taste”, but “ITS creamy tangy taste.” Sorry, the use of “it’s and its” is my pet peeve!! And Speak (also write, right?) Good English Movement is coming up! Next week?

    • bookjunkie says:

      oh shucks….that error seems to be ingrained in my fingers. keep making the same typo and I am sure I will again.

      • pax says:

        The real reason why i mentioned it is – i feel that popular blogs like yours are influential in affecting readers. and what u write is seen as the correct way.

        Don’t mind me – i’m OCD when it come to grammar/ words. I was quite happy one year when the Speak Gd English Movement asked us to put stickers to correct wrong use of the language. Many sticker ladies that yr!! 😀

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