Refreshed at the Labrador Nature Reserve

I feel that I haven’t explored enough of Singapore especially it’s nature reserves. I’ve never been to Labrador Park and dropped by to explore, but B decided we’d come another day as it was drizzling. So these are the photos taken of the initial look see. Two lovely restaurants here too. Even if it was just for 15 minutes, I felt refreshed looking at the greenery and yearn to come again and view the sea through the coastal walk. Need for have proper shoes on for that. Our tropical jungles have an exotic appeal and being here makes you feel a little bit more adventurous. Even in this initial visit I could hear the waves of the sea from afar and a very tiny glimpse of it through the heavy vegetation.

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  1. Second time I am visiting your blog, though I’ve studied two years in Singapore but explored in few places. Once again your post tells my heart what I’ve missed in Singapore. You have excellent photography skills. In my daily life I am across with different photographer but your image is so attractive and looks extremely natural.

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