Samy’s Curry at Dempsey: Revamped

It was nice to see the old style colourful flags up for National Day I presume. B commented that these were the kinds of flags they used to decorate our primary schools in the past.

The curry at Dempsey is just as good, but the service and surroundings have improved with new tables, chairs and a fresh coat of red paint for it’s interior. We prefer to sit outside by the greenery though but it was still nice to look within at the spruced up interior. In Singapore I appreciate how places are always maintained and improved. It’s great.

I would strongly recommend this place to tourists and just a tip – you can request for more of the 2 free sides (we had yellow dhal with cabbage and potato), fish or chicken curry to drizzle over your rice or more rice.  They topped up our dhal 3 times and it’s free. You could ask for more of the fried crackers – pappadum (appalum) too. The meal for two came up to S$28 which I think is reasonable considering how stuffed we were after the meal. For drinks I recommend the teh tarik (milky tea) and lime juice.

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pasarbellasamy - 60024

pasarbellasamy - 60025

pasarbellasamy - 60026

pasarbellasamy - 60027

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