I Have to Quit Hay Day

It’s so embarrassing that I keep getting into these phone game addictions. I’m someone who never gambles and don’t see the appeal at all but when the lucky spinning wheel appears in this iPhone game, I get so excited.

When my cousin first introduced Hay Day to me and told me how hooked her mum was, I decided to try it out. Totally didn’t get the appeal as the game at the very beginning feels kiddy like and too simplistic. Little did I know how exciting this would become and how hooked I would be to the very charming visuals.

This game is a big improvement on game maker Zygna’s FarmVille, another game us family members were hooked on previously. The visuals in Hay day are cuter and with realistic sound effects like chickens squawking.

My favourite was the little boy who seemed like a character out of a Dickons novel and would run errands for you. He would find you items you needed and couldn’t find in the virtual marketplace.

But this free service only lasts for a short while. Soon you’d have to pay this kid in diamonds and that’s basically how the game maker Supercell makes it’s millions. They make it such that diamonds will help you progress faster in the game and you’llbe tempted to spend actual money to get them. Luckily my addiction didn’t get to this stage.

I wish I was on the other side of the fence and could work for Super Cell testing and designing games instead. That would be pretty awesome even though I have no software development technical skills, but I do know what gets me hooked on a game. So hooked that only deleting it from my phone and going cold turkey might help me stop.

I’m still thinking of my unmilked cows and unharvested raspberry bushes as I’m writing this. But the saddest part about quitting is ‘leaving’ my little family group members who are still ‘farming’. Yes, the best part of the game was the shared commaraderie.




This game and many like it did teach me something – that if I can put the time and dedication into organising my life the way I organise my virtual farm (that seemed so real) I would get so much more done.

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