Requisite Halloween Post

Don’t know why it’s been so hard to write lately. I’ve just not approved of anything I want to write. Delete the words mentally before they even make it to a draft mode. Previously I used to be carefree & just hit publish and I need to get back to that. Stop being such a perfectionist as it’s stopping me in my tracks. I felt it would be awful if I didn’t post my Halloween decoration sightings since I took pictures of them. Just had to share and I’m glad this favourite festival of mine is becoming big in Singapore.












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6 Responses to Requisite Halloween Post

  1. budiman arifin says:

    Morning, i’m so glad you are back…
    thanks a lot….

  2. Thanks – just posted about an hour ago how it seems as though there are more Christmas decorations on Halloween than Halloween decorations in Singapore right now!

  3. Melani says:

    Please keep writing. I live in Jakarta and I have visited Singapore. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    • bookjunkie says:

      Sorry I have been caught up with life and a sort of writer’s block. It’s really heartening to get your very kind comment. Thanks Melani…I will strive on.

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