I Hardly Know Anything About Chicago

My impression of Chicago is:

1. Deliciously cold weather unlike Singapore, with snowy winters
2. Land of Oprah
3. Deep dish pizzas
4. Basketball – the Chicago Bulls?
5. Very high crime rates in some areas away from the city?

It’s embarrassing to reveal my ignorance, but it’s always fascinating to fill the gaps and it’s so easy now with google.

I wasn’t sure if President Obama was from Chicago but he is, although he was born in Hawaii.

Here are some fascinating lists about Chicago:

1. 50 Reasons Chicago is Second to No City

2. 12 Reasons Chicago Outshines NYC

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6 Responses to I Hardly Know Anything About Chicago

  1. what about Chicago the musical? It tells us Chicago is full of crimes and beautiful people who have done jailtime and can sing and dance. Hahaha.

    • bookjunkie says:

      I actually haven’t see either the musical or the movie…shucks. Thanks for your comment though….every comment is such a boost 🙂

  2. I’m in Chicago right now! Here’s what I can tell so far
    1. It’s friggin cold and I can’t feel my feet
    2. They are serious about their baseball ( whether you’re a Sox or Cubs fan)
    3. Chicago politics is like a car getting a tire changed: jacked up
    4. Obama was involved in Chicago politics when he held office here
    5. They FINALLY have vegan pizza here. Yay!
    6. The people here are extremely nice and neighbors are truly neighbors

    Just my take so far!

  3. Ravi used to live in Chicago. When I was pregnant with Elanor we went there for a visit. 2008 https://www.flickr.com/photos/crystaln/sets/72157605467115870

    I liked it, but I prefer NYC, Boston, NOLA and London.

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