New Phoon Huat Next to Bouna Vista MRT

I got a bit lost on the way to Rochester Mall (zero sense of direction), but happily came across Phoon Huat, the place which great cooks and bakers like my aunt love to frequent. Even for someone who can’t cook like myself it was like a wonderland of goods you won’t come across at a supermarket. Quite delightful indeed.

The whole place is rather pristine looking and reminds me of Meidi-ya the Japanese supermarket at Liang Court. It has a long history since 1947 when the owner from hainan island in China moved to Singapore to set it up.

This place even conducts baking classes. I wasn’t aware of that till I checked out the website.

IMG_7210 IMG_7209 IMG_7212 IMG_7207 IMG_7211 IMG_7208

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