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Haven’t been to Star Vista in a while. This time I took the MRT to Bouna Vista station and got a bit lost as I thought it was directly connected to the mall but it was a bit of a walk. Perhaps I went to the wrong exit. Was greeted by signs that Chinese New Year is coming in a month.  According to sign boards the Star Vista Mall calls itself The Star.

I’m disappointed that the awesome burger joint Triple O’s is no longer here.



I walked by quite a number of cafes but the mall is designed such that most of them are outdoors with ceiling fans rather than air-conditioning. It’s best for me to go at night then, as I can’t bear the stifling heat.


The building has quite an appealing open air design though and it starts to look even lovelier at dusk when the sky turns an amazing blue. Sparkly toadstools and toy soldiers that light up were a nice touch.





Noticed the fresh orange juice vending machine here. Tried it at Hougang Mall and it think it’s a good idea. I was curious and googled for the website. It seems that it’s called Just Juiced and that it serves the orange juice at 5-9 degrees celcious. I liked the juice was thought it would be even better at a lower temperature. Like the idea of no ice or dilution though.


Will write about what I ate in another post.


The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green Singapore 138617

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