Northshore Plaza: We like this new mall at Punggol

In Singapore malls are needed to escape the intense heat. And it’s nice to find a new place to hang out, that’s not too crowded. I think it’s because it doesn’t have a Uniqlo. I noticed that any mall with clothing shops like Uniqlo is always pretty crowded.

There are actually two buildings connected by a bridge. The A&W and Daiso are located at Northshore Plaza II across the linking bridge.

At Northshore Plaza I, the baking specialist shop Redman was enticing with lots of eye candy.

Redman by Phoon Huat
Looks so tempting
I do love these flavours
Pretty little edible roses
Wow that giant tub of Nutella
A whole gourmet chocolate section
You can make local desserts too

I absolutely love yellow bean products. So good in hum chim peng (dough fritters).

There’s also Daiso, Dacathalon and McDonald’s. Just some places we tend to frequent because things are cheaper there and often you just need to place to rest and chat.

Filet O Fish $5 set meal with a drink
French toast
Our fave item at Fun Toast minus the honey

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