New mall NorthShore Plaza is connected to the HDB, Northshore Residences.

This has got to be one of the nicest HDB flats (housing built by the government and subsidised if you’re eligible) especially the ones with a waterfront view. It’s also connected to the malls. walked from the mall to the blocks to get some photos. If you’ve never been to Singapore, here are some daily city photos for you.

Northshore Plaza
View from the mall
I think that’s an oil refinery
A great place to hang out during the pandemic

I like that this mall has lots of open air spaces and relatively bigger walkways. It’s never too crowded here. And it’s the school holidays right now. The A&W outlet had a queue though.

Walking from the mall to the HDB blocks
It’s called Northshore Residences
This thingy at the playground looks fun
These look old school
Slides are a must for toddlers

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