CNY2015: Chinese New Year Atmosphere at Great World City

Again, lovely decorations. Saw people in a frenzy – a woman with her facial mask still on, rushing to get last minute new year stuff. Had a meal at Crystal Jade La Mian (not so fantastic – perhaps the better chefs are on leave and they are understaffed today? or we should have just stuck to the usual and not try something new on the menu). I usually go with Sichuan style noodles but went with mushrooms and pork noodles instead.  The noodle portion was super generous though.  Pictured is B’s sweet and sour noodles which my mum would like.

Haven’t been to this mall in a while and was pleasantly surprised by a Krispy Kreme outlet and a renovated Starbucks (still couldn’t get a seat there even though it looks much more spacious).

I also liked the Chinese New Year themed window display at the furniture store.












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