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CNY2015: Chinese New Year Atmosphere at Great World City

Again, lovely decorations. Saw people in a frenzy – a woman with her facial mask still on, rushing to get last minute new year stuff. Had a meal at Crystal Jade La Mian (not so fantastic – perhaps the better … Continue reading

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Krispy Kreme at Changi Airport Terminal 2

You can now satisfy your donut cravings at Changi Airport Terminal 2. Krispy Kreme has a cafe there. I don’t see much difference between this chain and Dunkin Donuts (in Singapore Krispy Kreme is somehow not as good) so you … Continue reading

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Our Hong Kong Trip Back in 2007: Day 3

So far the trip seems a tad boring, but perhaps it was because I wasn’t taking pictures with an intention to blog about the trip. It’s funny how blogging itself can make a trip more fascinating. I’m hoping it gets … Continue reading

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No Need to Travel for the Authentic Stuff: Honeycomb Ice Cream

There was a time when we had to travel to Australia just to have a taste of honeycomb ice cream. Now you can get it easily at Cold Rock and I love that so many chains are here in Singapore … Continue reading

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Family Party: Cupcakes & Pictionary

We had another family party to celebrate my cousin’s birthday. We truly have the best aunts. One of my aunts baked the birthday cupcakes and made rojak, while my other aunt who was just back from Japan actually lugged boxes … Continue reading

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