Gazing at Swimming Fish at Honeymoon Dessert

Wanted to have a cupcake at Gastronomia Da Paolo but there were no seats available. So we ended up at Honeymoon Dessert where the service was lovely. It’s nice to be in a relatively empty space when you’re in always crowded Singapore. We had just come from Parkland Green which was not so serene anymore on a crazy crowded Sunday.

The white dessert you see is called Almond drink. It’s not as creamy as almond cream which I prefer. Perhaps I should have gone with the mango sago pomelo.


I would come here again for some peace and quiet. It was relaxing watching the silver arowana (dragon fish) swim so gracefully before they got tormented by some noisy kids banging on their tank. The goatee like things on it’s chin is called barbels. Conflicting feels when I see animals in captivity. Marvel at their beauty, but I felt guilty that they are trapped and I am free. Even though the tank is long, it must be confining and claustrophobic for a wild creature. Makes you pause and think about your own freedom of movement you take for granted.



Found out that this is part of a Hong Kong Chain with 300 stores, in Hong Kong, China, Singapore and Indonesia.

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