Plagued by the Haze

This haze seems never ending and highly frustrating (infuriating even if you think about how it’s affecting the health of the very young, the elderly and chronically ill). If your loved one’s health is adversely affected by the pollution (if they have heart or respiratory problems) then it’s downright criminal and not a light hearted matter in the least, if you think about it. Especially as it seems to have become a yearly occurrence and we’re told by Indonesian leaders it will take another three years to resolve.

I wish tourists who come here for the first time could experience Singapore with her usually good air quality. How unfortunate, the timing of their visit. I want the island to be seen at her best as I’m sure you do as well.

I’ve even noticed more birds on the ground rather than in the air, and looking sluggish. They don’t have a place to hide. 

I’ve been taking photos to remind myself not to take our usually clean air for granted. Added a photo from July, before the fires in Indonesia clouded our skies. The blue against grey – a stark contrast.

There is a silver lining though (just so that we won’t be labelled as constant complainers). With the sun’s rays blocked out, it isn’t as hot as it used to be. And pictures of the sun through the smog as a tiny round orange ball looks pretty cool. But seriously, no thanks, haze, (rooted in corruption), so detrimental to our health and confining us indoors. Please go away never to return. I’m sure ordinary people in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines wish for the same. 

Also for us to make more informed choices (boycott), I wish there was an official list of paper and palm oil products that have been found to have links to the illegal burning. At least then we wouldn’t feel as helpless as we do now. There is some power that we can yield as consumers. (Even better, today NTUC stopped carrying Asia Pulp & Paper products. Most people buy their groceries from NTUC anyway so this helps a great deal and I’m sure they have felt the pressure from the people to take this concrete step. I hope all companies vet their suppliers and do the similar ethical thing.)


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