The thing that makee me the happiest is family harmony and love. Nothing beats warm hugs from loved ones. I think most of my family have no idea how much I love them. I don’t really express it, but I have this overwhelming feeling in my heart. It’s why I’m hooked on the Kardashians’ reality show. I understand now why they are so popular. At the core of it all is a strong family love, bond and loyalty in spite of all the arguments and fights.

Reconnecting with close ones you haven’t met in a while can be pretty sweet too. Cancer somehow opens up these doors and I am so grateful for that.

So happy to attend the weddings of two cousins. Weddings are just beautiful. And glad I have the support of my oncologist who understands the importance of family and mental health as well. Wish discussions with her could be longer but specialists are all so busy. It’s comforting to have talks with her and clarify doubts. In a way I’m sad chemo is coming to an end because I appreciate the comfort of the invisible support system of going for weekly cancer fighting sessions. By the same token I can’t wait for the very last session to be done with so I can start to be truly myself for a while and chemo drug free. Just apprehensive about radiation but will write about that too just to share my experience in case it helps someone out there.

Since I’m writing this blog to help other cancer patients, even though I feel self conscious that I’m complaining too much, here’s a list of symptoms that I experienced towards the end of the treatment that got worse due to the accumulation of drugs in the system.

1. Chemical metallic taste in mouth. It’s the worse symptom although painless because it’s constant.

2. Blood in nose – not too bad as I’ve seen my partner have nose bleeds which look far far worse in comparison.

3. Feeling of diahhrea but then it’s a false alarm. Sometimes it is diahhrea and that makes it hard to enjoy a meal or go out. But again not as bad as when I was in hospital and had terrible purging. Sorry for the graphic details. TMI? (Too much info)

4. Fatigue. Maybe I’m just lazy sleeping on the chair and taking too many naps. I tried to exercise by taking a walk but became a bit breathless. Guess I can start again after chemo is done. I so want to up my fitness. That will be sweet victory.

5. Discolouration on my body but luckily it can be covered by clothes and I’m not that vain. I think?

6. No eyebrows hence no expression and a constant surprised aged look. When I use makeup my eyes staring tearing so I stopped. Maybe I just need special makeup with organic ingredients that are safer? But the good in all this is that I’m gonna appreciate my eyebrows, eyelashes and hair so so much when they are back.

That’s all that comes to mind for now. So actually not too bad. I’m lucky.

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